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Grandfatherly Advice 8

Remember, you're getting married. Your time to chase tail is over.Source

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Grandfatherly Advice 7

Marriage isn't always smooth sailing. Don't make minor waves into typhoonsSource

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Grandfatherly Advice 6

Sex solves a lot of problems, even headaches.Source

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Grandfatherly Advice 5

Do some chorse with your wife. She will appreciate the help and it doubles as spending time with her.Source

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Grandfatherly Advice 4

Clean up after yourself. She's your wife, not your mom.Source

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Grandfatherly Advice 3

Don't work so much that you only see your kids on the weekend. That's the life of a divorced man.Source

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Gandfatherly Advice 2

Let her focus on the wedding. You focus on the marriage.Source

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Grandfatherly Advice 1

You aren't going to like everything the same.  That's no reason to teaser her about what she likes.

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Guy sees wife for “first” time after surgery

This guy wakes up from hernia surgery and doesn’t recognize his wife… then proceeds to salvage the situation completely.  Enjoy.

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Pro Tip: “But…”

If you’re talking about your wife and you say anything like “I love my wife and all, but…” you’re about to make a bad mistake.

The “but” negates (cancels out) anything worthwhile you just said about her.  It is the equivalent of demonstrating that you’re racist by saying, “I’m not racist, but [fill in the blank].”

We do not like big “buts.”

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She’s Amazing: Sunday Afternoons

My wife is amazing such that the actual best possible way I can spend any given Sunday is right next to her.  Today, for example, we are curled up in bed together reading, surfing the web, working on fun little computer projects, etc. 

It’s the kind of day where we aren’t even talking a ton, because there’s no need to fill comfortable, relaxed silence with words all the time.

She’s generally relaxing, not stressful. I can trust her tremendously in this way.

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Sans Makeup Is Better, Who Knew?

So I’m scanning in a bunch of our wedding photos to:

  • share with family,
  • use as a computer desktop & cellphone background,
  • make prints, etc.

And I’m struck by how much more beautiful my wife is when she’s not wearing makeup.  Don’t read me wrongly– she looks great in our wedding photos.  Of course, right?

It’s just that she looks even better than that day-to-day.  I guess she won whatever genetic lottery governs that sort of thing.  I’m not sure if that means she’s lucky or that I am.

How about you guys?  Is there a way in which your wife is beautiful in defiance of common norms?  If so:

  1. Stop what you’re doing and tell her.
  2. Let us know too in the comments section below.


Forward unto a strong marriage,


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She’s Amazing Because… G.I. Jane Edition

My wife is amazing because she can do handstand pushups.  It is indescribably sexy. She’s a hard worker in the gym and it has really started to pay off.


Have a way that your wife is amazing the world should know about?  Hit us up in the comments section below.

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Worked for Me: Sweet Tart Stealth Drop

So it turns out that my wife really loves Sweet Tarts, the big chewy ones. They’re pretty hard to find in our city, so when I see them at a gas station or store, I’ll grab a few packs.

Project Sweet Stealth Drop

1) Identify wife’s favorite candy
2) Insert candy into plain envelope
3) Write short sweet note on envelope
4) Hide envelope in wife’s jacket pocket, purse, scrubs, glove box
5) Victory

Winner’s Circle Move: slip envelope into her pocket while you kiss her goodbye in the morning. That’s serious husband ninja stuff.

Why It Works: the difficulty of finding the Sweet Tarts makes this an unexpected act each time, so that it doesn’t become routine. It stays fresh.

Got a Worked for Me? Hit us up in the comments section below.

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She’s Amazing Because… 1st edition

My wife is amazing because she likes eating buffalo wings even more than I do. And yet, she’s still slim and hot. How great is THAT? Also, she can hold her own on the trivia game just fine.

Have a reason that your wife is amazing that the world needs to know? Post a comment!

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Fix it by not fixing [HOWTO]

We men are good at fixing things. Really good. Isn’t it what we do best? It is this killer “fix it” instinct, though, that can slaughter the good stuff in our marriages. Pro tip: intimacy, on every level, is the good stuff.

Author and speaker Mark Driscoll of Seattle, Washington does us men a favor by translating “intimacy” as “in to me, see?” The “me” is your wife, man. So how do you get there? By not fixing your wife when something upsets her. Slow down and just listen. Actually hear her. This is your task.

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Re-Up Your Pursuit

Ferrari Enzo... But You Knew That Already Right?

Ferrari Enzo... But You Knew That Already Right? (CC Attribution 2010, U-g-g-B-o-y-(-Photograph-World-Sense-) via Flickr)

Why are movie chase scenes so great?  There’s just something about blasting through narrow city streets, barely avoiding traffic, pedestrians,etc.  A good chase scene gets your blood pumping in a good way.

Heck, maybe you drive chase scenes… on the way home from work.

But how hard are you chasing your wife?  Enough to get your pulse up?  Enough to raise hers?


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Man Up to Your Kids

Comedian Louis CK says it best–

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Love her when you’re worn out [HOWTO]

Well, the honeymoon had to end sometime. But those wedding vows are still right there staring you in the face. If you’re like most of us, you committed in front of lots of people and maybe God to being a relational ninja for your wife.

So how do you bring your A Game to your marriage when you’re worn out from the Daily Grind?

Think back to football practice, or for those of you more musically inclined, orchestra. For those of you more X Box inclined, think back to Halo. Remember the original? Anyway, all these activities trained you to get so good at something, it ceased to require conscious thought, ceased to require concerted effort. Call it reflexes, call it drilling, call it muscle memory.

So get to muscle memory mode for your marriage. Break down the complexity of it into unit drills just like running lines, practicing music measure by measure, like playing the same multiplayer maps over and over with your dorm buddies.

You know how other guys are forgetting anniversaries and the other dates that seem so important to so many women? That’s sloppy laziness of the same breed that loses football games and misses headshots. Don’t be that guy.

Hear me, friends, this isn’t about making your relationship repetitive and dull through drilling. Many women (most?) get stifled pretty fast by romantic routine. They can smell slack effort on you like cheap booze. And nobody likes cheap booze.

Instead of the drill being dinner out at the same favorite restaurant each month– this gets old fast– the drill is “I need to post some numbers this month for the romance account.” The actual form of the numbers-posting? Mix it up. You’d keep your opponent on the basketball court off-balance by shifting tactics throughout the game, right? Same goes for keeping her wondering what’s going to be your next move on date night.

One of your drills is maintaining a dedicated date night, right?

Leave a solid suggestion for a romance drill in the comments section below–

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Be Her Hero

creative commons cybernetiks2

Be her hero, man

You know you like it, when she looks at you like you could lift a car.  Like she trusts you to rescue her kitten stuck up there in that tree.  The trick is to reframe a mundane task to make it pump up your woman.  Guerilla f–kin’ warfare romance.

Here’s how to see that look in her eye more often.

  1. Pick something on her “Honey Do” list (you know, the long one with all the stuff she wants you to do).
  2. Do that thing, but carry your solution one step further than she’s expecting.  HINT: Bring it one step further in her desired direction, not yours.
  3. Present the results as far as she was expecting.
  4. Look her in the eyes, and pause to set off the moment and get her full attention.
  5. Tell her how you took it one step further because of the way she’s so beautiful to you.  Say it seriously, but matter-of-fact style, as if it should almost be obvious.
  6. Success.  Well done, brother.


Dave’s wife asks him to pick up some cat litter.  It is a crappy job, no pun intended.  Dave squares his shoulders and gets it done.  While he’s at the store getting the litter, he also gets a packet of catnip.  Dave mentions later he’s completed his woman’s task, then he squares her in the eyes.

“As a bonus, I picked up some catnip for Mr. Bigglesworth, because you’re so beautiful to me.”

And Dave leaves it at that, right on to the next thing.  It took him 30 seconds total to pull off but she’ll remember the episode a lot longer than he will.

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